Be brave. Be strong.

Here is a message I recently posted on Facebook. I felt it was important to encourage my internal and external BlackBerry community to remain positive and brave during this period of uncertainty within the company:

Friends and family: You have likely already been hearing in the news that there is a lot happening at BlackBerry right now.

I know many of you have questions or concerns about things like the future of the company, the job stability of people you know or about stories you are seeing published in the news. I completely understand how natural it can be to feel worried, upset or the need to express anger about these things. Please do not let it.

There are a lot of good people at BlackBerry who are riding this roller coaster and may be under stress. But there are also many family, friends and community members who are also going through this with them and feeling the same way.

At this time, folks like myself, Rachel, my colleagues and everyone else need you to remain positive and be supportive. Questions like “do you still have a job?” are not helpful. But to those who ask: yes, I do.

The path forward is not 100% clear. This roller coaster ride is not over yet. But change will happen. New opportunities will present themselves for those that seek them out, and we will all get through this together.

Thank you in advance for your support. Please message me if you want to chat.

This message has generated a significant amount of support and encouraging feedback. Thank you for that. As a result, I felt it was important to share with others.

There is a lot to be proud of in terms of past accomplishments, and there is still a lot to look forward to in future achievements. Be brave and you will find success.


Proud Canadian who loves running, craft beer, World travel, culture and music of all shapes & styles. I live in Toronto and love this city for how diverse and unique it is. As a Solution Architect with IBM Canada's Interactive Experience (iX&M) practice, I have the privilege of leading teams of amazingly talented people to build creative and award-winning mobile applications & solutions. I love to build things and transform chaos into awesome.

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2 comments on “Be brave. Be strong.
  1. Let me start by saying that I am a staunch supporter of BlackBerry and love the products. I wouldn’t have used them for 14 years now, if I wasn’t. I also need to say that unless Frank B. leaves and the marketing side of things does a 180 (and fast), it won’t matter one lick how good your product is. When current BlackBerry owners have no clue that BlackBerry10 is any different than BBOS 7 devices, then marketing has failed, hands down. The numbers prove it. I’m frustrated, because I don’t know how to get this message into the ears of people who need to hear it. HELP!

  2. Subamu says:

    You are absolutely right Ben. They spent a good fortune and haven’t got the message out.

    Good Article. Thanks for all your hard work. Can see BlackBerry pulling itself out of this. Just need a special one, who can figure it all out.

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