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A new adventure for me – IBM

After 7 very exciting years at RIM/BlackBerry, I’ve made the decision to move on to a new adventure. In just a few short weeks, I’ll be starting a new chapter in my professional career by joining the senior ranks of

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What is your most valuable resource?

I felt like writing a thought piece today. Which is more valuable: money or time? The two are very closely related to each other, but clearly not equal. Many people spend the majority of their lives focused on improving their financial situation (school,

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Be brave. Be strong.

Here is a message I recently posted on Facebook. I felt it was important to encourage my internal and external BlackBerry community to remain positive and brave during this period of uncertainty within the company: Friends and family: You have

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Updating forked Github repos

Here is a helpful beginners tip about managing forked repos in Github. When you fork a Github repo, it makes a copy of that code for you in a remote location. Often developers work by copying that remote copy to their

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npm and jslint

So I’ve been playing around more and more with node package module (npm) and had some findings to share with my fellow JavaScript developers. For those who haven’t used NPM before, it is a collection of packaged JavaScript modules that

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Let’s try that again

Ha! Its been over a year since my last post. New goal: post more than once per year. I appreciate everyone’s patience, eagerly waiting for my next correspondence. I’ve sent out many micro-updates from Twitter, but few from this channel.

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… to my personal blog.  Thanks for your interest! You’ve come to the right place if you are interested in discussing my various thoughts and questions about Web development, plus personal projects, achievements and public collaboration on topics that intrigue

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